Story Box Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Give kids a chance to dream up tales of adventure, mystery, and more with captivating photographs and story starters.

  • Reinforce a unit on creative writing! Students choose a card from the Story Box and write a story. When they are finished, students share their stories with the class.
  • Everyone votes for their favorite, and that author is awarded a cute, colorful bookmark.
    Story Box:
    • Tape Terrific Pockets™ to the outer edges of a small box (3½" square). Option: A box can be made by laying the pockets facedown, side by side and taping the edges together. For a sturdy bottom, use heavy paper or foam core taped in place.
    • Add labels to pockets and place a variety of bookmarks in the box.
      Story Card:

      Create story cards in a variety of categories like places, characters, events, and so on.

      • Tape a photograph to the top of a blank flash card. Hint: Look for interesting photos online and in magazines to spark young imaginations.
      • Add a few sentences related to the photo at the bottom of the card.
      • Repeat until you have several cards to place in each pocket of the box.

          BONUS: For a fun twist, invite one student to choose a card from the Story Box and take five minutes to write a story. Then, he or she passes the paper with their story to a different student who takes five minutes to continue the story. When everyone has had a chance to add to the story, read it to the class!

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          Story Box Learning Fun Activity