Secret Surprise Centers! Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Give learning centers an element of surprise!

Center Surprise Box
Each box uses 5 Terrific Pockets™, one of each accent listed above, and one Border strip.
  • To make the box, cut 1¾" off of the top of one pocket to make a 3½" square base.
  • Tape the remaining 4 pockets to each side of the square base so the openings face up and inward.
  • Decide what surprise to include inside the box. Fold an accent and tape inside like the dinosaur box, or another creative dimensional item or accent.
  • To make the top, cut 2 strips of borders 5⅜" long. Place them facedown and tape together lengthwise. Fold a crease ⅞" in on all sides. Cut a ⅞" slit in each side. Fold the A tabs in to each C side. Bend C and then B sides upward. Tape the A tabs to the B sides to secure lid shape.
  • Tape an Arrow accent to the top as a lid handle.A1092 Secret Surprise Learning FUN Activity
    • Use the surprise box to add a mysterious twist and delight to learning centers!
    • Load the pockets with Dinosaur Mighty Match Challenge Cards®. Then, a small group plays by taking turns searching pockets for matches!
    • Periodically change the flash cards to make a new Secret Surprise! Fill the pockets with other learning topics, like sight words or colors & shapes. Kids will love to reveal each center theme!

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      Secret Surprise Centers! Learning FUN Activity