Pocket Math Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Deliver a daily dose of dino math with an addition game that is easy to set up and FUN!

  • Create 3 sets of 10 addition flash cards each featuring a different number. For this activity, we used ones, twos, and threes.
  • Write addition problems on the fronts of the cards and answers on the backs.
  • Add stickers below each number on the cards to help younger kids practice their counting skills.
  • Glue a mini accent on each pocket, and attach a label. Write ones, twos, or threes on the labels.
  • Place each set of cards in the correct pocket.
  • Challenge children to draw a card from all 3 pockets and solve the problems for a daily dose of dino math!

BONUS: Once kids have mastered their ones, twos, and threes, move on to the next round of math facts. You can also create different pocket challenges with subtraction problems, puzzles, fun facts, sight words, Challenge Cards®, and more!

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    Pocket Math Learning Fun Activity