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Practice language skills all year with this holiday-themed, printable worksheet bundle. Each page is a new opportunity to learn about a holiday, practice reading comprehension, follow directions, and build valuable vocabulary and language skills. Full-color, interactive pages invite kids to read, write, draw, match, color, and more.

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Print this worksheet bundle for lots of practice with learners in grades 1 to 2. Use these full-color and FUN activity sheets to provide children with interesting and seasonally-relevant morning work, independent practice, and supplements for language learning. Featured holidays inspire additional discovery and boost calendar skills too.

Enjoy 28 full-color activity pages. Language concepts include:

  • ABC order
  • Synonyms and opposites
  • Reading comprehension
  • Compound words
  • Verb tenses
  • Classifying
  • Parts of speech
  • Plural words

Holidays and activities include: 

  • Through the Year: Use the calendar pictured to answer questions and practice calendar skills.
  • Happy New Year - ABC Order: Write vocabulary words in alphabetical order.
  • MLK Day Word Find: Circle words related to Martin Luther King Day in the word search.
  • Groundhog Day - Shadow Match: Practice visual identification and matching by connecting animals to their shadows.
  • Valentine’s Day - Compound Words: Connect word parts to create compound words.
  • Compound Candy Hearts: Connect single words to create and write compound words.
  • Presidents’ Day - Reading for Details: Read and then answer questions about the U.S. presidents to practice reading comprehension.   
  • St. Patrick’s Day - Abbreviations: Identify common abbreviations and match them to the full word.
  • Easter - Describe It!: Improve descriptive language skills by writing adjectives.
  • Spring Babies: Learn vocabulary words and match baby animal names to the adult names.
  • April Fool’s Day - All Mixed Up: Practice visual observation skills and pay attention to detail.
  • Earth Day - Problem Solving: Use sentence clues and the word bank to finish writing about Earth Day.
  • May Day - Rhyme Time: Practice rhyming words and write them to complete sentences.
  • Cinco de Mayo - What’s 1st: Learn ordinal numbers and practice writing each as a word.
  • Mother’s Day - Noun or Verb? Identify and color-code nouns and verbs.
  • Memorial Day - In the Past: Change action words to past tense using -ed.
  • Father’s Day What’s My Job?: Use deduction skills to match job descriptions to jobs.
  • Independence Day Plurals: Write sentences that contain plural words.
  • Friendship Day Create Words: Spell words using letters from longer words.
  • Labor Day Synonyms: Identify synonyms to navigate a maze.
  • Columbus Day Name It: Practice reading comprehension and answer questions about Columbus Day.
  • Halloween Sorting It Out: Use clues to correctly sort Halloween treats.
  • Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Crossword: Answer questions about Thanksgiving to solve a crossword puzzle.
  • Hanukkah Scrambled Colors: Unscramble letters to spell color words, and then use the key to color the picture.
  • Ramadan Opposites: Match and label opposite pictures with the correct opposite words.
  • Christmas Mer-ry Christ-mas: Recognize syllables in words and color the picture using the key.
  • All I Want for Christmas: Use written and visual clues to investigate and answer questions. 
  • Kwanzaa Make a Word: Connect letters to spell words related to Kwanzaa.

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Aligns with Learning Standards

    • Grade 1 - 2
    • Compound words, vocabulary, parts of speech, classifying, and more!
    • Answer key included
    • 28 pages, 8½ inches x 11 inches
    • Printable download

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