Owl-Stars!® Magnifying Glasses Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Whooo's there? Inquiring young minds want to know. Bring out these adorable magnifying glasses and watch children's excitement build for a game of hide and seek or a treasure hunt.

  • For the magnifying glass, trace a large circle in the center of each owl accent, using a glass or small lid. Cut circles out and attach each owl to a craft stick.
  • For the container, decorate a small plastic container with your favorite trimmer, insert florist foam, and cover the foam with crinkle paper shreds.
  • When done, arrange the Owl-Stars!® Magnifying Glasses in the plastic container. Your children can now play super sleuth with their own delightful owl glass … spying for the letter of the day, colors, shapes, or objects that start with a designated letter. Adventures unlimited!

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    Owl Stars Magnifying Glasses Learning Fun Activity