Owl Mail Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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This classroom mailbox is an owl-fully special way for students to make classroom suggestions and leave notes for the teacher, plus it makes delivering class news and updates extra fun.

  • Being careful not to cut through, score a straight line on the inside of the plastic top about ⅓ of the way from the edge. When placed on the container, the lid should pull down like a mailbox door.
  • Cut a piece of tag board so it fits over the oatmeal container forming a dome-like shape. Cover the tag board with Owl-Stars!® Terrific Papers® and secure with glue or tape. Write “Owl Mail” horizontally along the short side of the paper. Cover the oatmeal container with the decorated tag board, and secure with glue or tape.
  • Lay the oatmeal container on its side and create a rectangular border all the way around it out of foam core, including in front of the “door.”
  • Cover the foam core with Blue Pattern Terrific Trimmers®.
  • Create the mailbox flag from a rectangular strip of foam core and attach an Owl-Stars!® Mini Accent to the top.
  • Use a brass fastener to attach the flag to the container – it should be able to be moved up and down when complete.
  • Make a pull for the mailbox door from a piece of tag board or trimmer.
  • For the topper, glue or tape an Owl-Stars!® Mini Accent to one end of a chenille stem. Twist the stem into a curlicue and attach to the top of the mailbox with glue or tape.

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    Owl Mail Learning Fun Activity