Nifty Name Tags or Job Tags Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Encourage friendship, responsibility, and classroom pride with easy-to-make name tags and job tags.

  • Braid three pieces of yarn together. Hint: Make sure the yarn is long enough for students to wear around their necks.
  • Bring the two ends of the braid together and knot them to create your lanyard, leaving an inch of unbraided yarn after the knot. Fluff the ends for fun fringe.
  • For name tags, use Owl-Stars!® Mini Accents. Write “Who am I?” across the top and the student’s name across the owl’s tummy.
  • For job tags, use the Star Medal or Owl-Stars!® Mini Accents and write the task across the middle, like “Fish Feeder.”
  • Attach the completed accents to the lanyards with tape, covering the knots.
  • Give students name tags to wear on the first day of school to help them get to know each other. Then assign them a different job tag each week, so that they feel part of the class. What a nifty way to build friendships and an organized, caring classroom community!

BONUS: Use Owl-Stars!® or other characters for a different twist. Invite children to decorate their name tags with stickers, sequins, or other craft supplies you have on hand.

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    Nifty Name Tags or Job Tags Learning Fun Activity