Little Explorers Binoculars Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Encourage children to explore nature with binoculars they make themselves!

  • Children bring two toilet paper tubes from home.
  • They measure and mark, then cut four 7" pieces of Purple Terrific Trimmers® and two 7" pieces of Owl-Stars!® Bolder Borders® for their binoculars.
  • Demonstrate how to wrap and secure a purple strip around each tube end. Cover the center area with the Owl-Stars!® Bolder Borders® and secure.
  • Invite kids to prepare their own tubes.
  • Make binoculars unique by adding other strips of paper, such as the yellow shown in the example. Encourage kids to decorate with stickers or other items.
  • Help children place the two tubes side by side, and staple or glue them together at the top and bottom.
  • Punch a hole on either side of the binoculars about 1" from the top. String a precut 20" piece of thick yarn through holes, knotting each end.
  • As a class, take a closer look at the outdoors. Count birds. Name the different types of trees. Talk about your discoveries.

    BONUS: Add pizzazz to the binoculars with leftover trimmers, borders, colored paper, or stickers. Have parents send items from home for added variety.

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      Little Explorers Binoculars Learning FUN Activity