I ♥ Metal™ Calendar Celebrate! Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Learn about cultural traditions around the world and practice creative writing.

  • Set up the calendar for the current month and decorate the display as shown. As a class, add special events like field trips or days off of school to the calendar using the set pieces.
  • What else happens this month? Brainstorm other events and browse the Internet in the classroom to quickly make a list of a wide range of holidays and celebrations observed around the world for the month. Write the list on the whiteboard for everyone to see.
  • Now, students each choose a holiday and sign up to be that holiday’s ambassador. Each writes the holiday and its date, along with his or her name on an Embossed Sign accent. Add the signs to the display. Make a trip to the library to research the holidays so each student ambassador is an expert on the special day. Topics to research include the holiday’s history, who celebrates it, how it is observed, and so on.
  • When it’s time to celebrate, the ambassador tells classmates all about the holiday. Encourage kids to bring in customary treats or show-and-tell items, especially if the holiday is one their family observes. For added fun, research silly holidays, write them on stars accents, and add them to the calendar. The class will be excited when you announce holidays like Twin Day or National Pizza Day!
  • Celebrate these surprise holidays in fun ways. Invite students to dress up, bring treats, or decorate their desks and cubbies. Challenge kids to write short stories about the holiday that include answers to key topics like the customs, history, and who celebrates.
  • Holidays are a hoot when you learn something new and spark imaginations!

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    I ♥ Metal™ Calendar Celebrate! Bulletin Board Idea