I ♥ Metal™ Phrases Here Us Cheer! Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice speaking words in rhythm, build community spirit.

  • Display the set as shown, using Ready Letters® to spell out “Hear Us Cheer!” in the center of the signs.
  • Before class begins, choose 2 or 3 phrases to use in a classroom cadence call. Find an easy rhythm or clap to go along with it that will introduce the idea of cadence to your class.
  • When students arrive for the day, show them the motivational phrases board. Read the signs together, then start a rhythmic clap. Students join your clap, then they follow your lead, repeating back what you say.
  • For example, you call out, “You are amazing!” to the beat, and the class calls back, “We are amazing!”, and then you call out, “Great things are happening”, and students repeat it back. Keep repeating and then add clapping or marching as kids get the hang of it.
  • When everyone has the idea of a cadence call down, invite them to create their own! Divide the class into small groups, and if possible, go outside or in a gymnasium area to reduce noise for nearby classes.
  • Students use the signs in the set as inspiration for their cadence calls. They may use your sample as a starting point or make their own rhythm. They choose different sign phrases to use in their calls. (It’s ok to add an additional word or two here and there to keep the rhythm going too.)
  • One group member writes down the script to save for later. As a fun morning warm-up, choose one of the groups to lead the class in the daily cadence call. The whole class repeats back to the group presenting.
  • What a great display of team work, inclusivity, and motivation. It’s inspriation with an echo!

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    I ♥ Metal™ Phrases Here Us Cheer! Bulletin Board Idea