Hedgehogs 100-Day Hop Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Build math skills and practice counting with friendly hedgehogs and a hands-on 100th Day display!

Create a hands-on 100th Day display!
  • Hang the number line strips to show 1 to 100 (or to 120 if that’s what you celebrate).
  • Place hedgehogs above every fifth number (or use another interval if that is your focus).
  • Each day, “hop” a mini hedghog onto the current day’s number on the strip.
  • What number day is it? Everyone counts out loud using the number line as a guide, stopping at today’s hedgehog marker.
  • Count the days again, this time skip-count by naming the numbers marked by hedgehogs. Great job!
Hop (or clap) while counting out the days to 100 for a really hoppy celebration!

    BONUS: Color-code the odds/evens or a variety of number intervals using Colorful Hedgehogs Mini Accents. Look for patterns on the number line. Can students name what each color is marking?

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      Download template here!

      Hedgehogs 100-Day Hop Learning FUN Activity