Greeting Card Bouquets Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Surprise friends and family with greetings in full bloom. Celebrate special occasions with memorable greeting card bouquets.

Send greetings to all in bright beautiful bouquets.
  • Take one of each accent, a chenille stem, and a 2½" x 5" strip of card stock.
  • Write a greeting on the vase of the bouquet.
  • Tape one end of a chenille stem to the back of the bouquet and the other end to the back of the bee, twisting the stem for a swirling effect.
  • For the stand, fold the card stock strip in half and tape one side of it to the back of the bouquet.
  • Have bunches of fun making cards and getting creative with your personal messages.

BONUS: Create a folded card by attaching the blank sides of two bouquets together at the top or one side. Inside the card, there’s room to decorate and write messages for any occasion. Personalize by writing your friend’s name or a special message on the vase. Way to go, Joe!

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    Greeting Card Bouquets Learning FUN Activity