Fraction Action Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Put fractions into action with this display that’s perfect for hands-on practice and reference.

  • Identify fractions and introduce fraction equivalents! Dot Circles Classic Accents® are perfect for dividing into fractional parts – just like a pie! Write lines on accents to show variety of fractions. Create two sets.
  • Set one group aside. Hang one set on the display. Invite students to name what fraction the circles are divided into. Label them using Desk Toppers® Name Plates and add to the display for reference.
  • On the other group of Circles Classic Accents®, label each fractional part with a black marker (1/3, ¼, ½, etc.) and then cut them apart into stand-alone fraction pieces. (Staple or tape the edges of an I ♥ Metal™ Bucket to the display to create a handy storage pocket.)
  • Now, on the “Make a Fraction” part of the display, name a fraction, like “one-half.” One student then finds fractional parts that equal ½ and tacks them to the display. Challenge another student to do the same using different fractional parts. Keep going until all of the equivalent fractions have been shown. How many combinations can the class name for each fraction? Wow!

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D9101 Fraction Action Accent Template