Factor Fun Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Pencil in math practice and learn multiplication factors with playful pencils!

  • Write multiplication factors 0 to 12 on Bold Strokes Pencils Mini Accents. Write each factor twice (on two accents).
  • Write products on Bold Strokes Pencils Classic Accents®.
    • When it’s time for small group work, practice math with this fun game!
    • Scatter the factors around the table, facedown.
    • Stack the product accents in a separate pile, also facedown. One student in the group flips over a product and places it in the middle of the table.
    • Students all now randomly choose a factor accent from the table. Does anyone have a factor of the number in the middle? Hooray!
    • Those with factors take turns reading their numbers out loud and saying math equations to show them in action. For example, if the number 6 is drawn and the product in the middle is 12, that student might say the equation, “6 times 2 equals 12.”
    • At each turn, the student lays the factor accent next to the product (12). If numbers turned over are not factors, they set them aside in a discard pile.
    • Once everyone has shared an equation or discarded their accent, each student flips over another accent until all of the factors have been found.

    Shuffle the accents and play again with a different product. What a fun way to keep math skills sharp!

    BONUS: Write math symbols on Pencils Mini Accents. Invite a student volunteer to the front of the class to randomly choose two factors and one math operation. He or she arranges the accents in an equation, then invites another classmate to solve it. Keep going until the class has solved all of the equations. Wow! 

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      Factor Fun Learning FUN Activity