Sticker Story Writing Activity Free Printable

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Spark imagination and build creative writing skills with this Sticker Story Writing Activity Free Printable! Use adorable sticker characters such as Sea Buddies, Puppy Pals, Alien AnticsDiscovering Dinosaurs, Llama Llove, Sparkly Unicorns, or any of our character stickers to set the scene, and let their stories unfold. Draw on, color on, write on, stick on! The creative opportunities are endless.


This is a digital download worksheet. Use this link to download or print the Sticker Story Writing Activity Free Printable


There are many fun ways to use this customizable, blank reproducible sheet. Ideas include:

  • Use stickers to spark an idea and get your students imaginations going
  • Encourage creative writing with short stories featuring characters on the stickers, or favorite animals and pets
  • Draw and color a background to set the scene for your creative story


Permission for reproduction of this printable is limited to individuals for educational, non-commercial use. ©TREND enterprises, Inc.

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