Un-Be-Leaf-able Coloring Activity Free Printable

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Print this Awesome Autumn leaves coloring page for a fun, no-prep activity to welcome the fall season. Kids and adults can color in each of the five leaves using inspiration from the color-changing leaves they see outside. Take a nature walk and bring back leaves in various stages of their color-changing process. Then use those leaves as inspiration for this coloring sheet. This coloring page is inspired by our Awesome Autumn Learning Set.


This is a digital download activity sheet. Use this link to download or print the Un-Be-Leaf-Able Coloring Activity Free Printable. This coloring page includes a Sycamore leaf, Maple leaf, Ginkgo leaf, Oak leaf, and Linden leaf.


Permission for reproduction of this printable is limited to individuals for educational, non-commercial use. ©TREND enterprises, Inc.

Code: E19021-02