Kwanzaa Kente Cloth Kufi Paper Hat DIY



Introduce and celebrate traditional African dress and heritage with this creative, hands-on paper craft for kids. This is a great way to spark discussions and expand learning opportunities during Kwanzaa celebrations, Black History Month, and cultural studies.


These kufi caps are a fun craft for kids and a great activity for Kwanzaa, Black History month, and other celebrations.

  • Each hat uses up to two border strips.
  • One border strip will be used for the band of the hat. Measure to fit around the child's head, overlapping slightly, and then trim any excess. Tape the band together to hold the circle shape. Depending on the size, you may be able to make two bands per border strip. 
  • Cut the other border strip into three equal lengths (about 12 inches each). Next, cut each border piece horizontally into three thin strips. These do not need to be exactly measured. You'll have one extra strip (use eight for each hat). 
  • Curve one strip (with the color facing out) across the top of the hat band and tape the ends to the inside of the band. Repeat with another strip, crossing over the first one to make an "X" shape.
  • Continue crossing strips over each other and taping to the inside of the hat band until the crown of the hat is filled.
  • If using glue in place of tape, make sure it dries completely before trying on your hat. 

Kids will love these wonderfully woven-looking hats! Proudly wear your kufi hats during classroom celebrations. 

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