Thanksgiving Sticker Crafts DIY



Make sure FUN is on the menu this Thanksgiving with easy craft ideas for kids. These simple crafts are a treat to keep kids and guests entertained before or after your Thanksgiving meal. Seasonal stickers and paper cutouts keep it simple so you don't have too much clean-up (now that's something to be thankful for!).


    Choose one or all of the craft projects below for Thanksgiving FUN that kids can complete without a lot of help. They'll love being able to lend a hand with decorations and activities. 

    Thankful Wand:

    • Make a decorative wand to pass around and name ways you're thankful. It's "wand-er-ful" to hear all the things we have to be thankful for!
    • Tape a wooden dowel (a pencil works too!) to the back of the Dot Circle accent. Layer a mini star cutout on the center of the circle and tape it into place. 
    • Top it off with a colorful turkey sticker. Scratch it gently and take a sniff. Yum, pumpkin!
    • Tie a fancy string around the wand for a flourishing finish.
    • Pass the wand around the table or sitting area as an extra-encouraging way to invite guests to name something they are thankful for!
    • Expand the activity and invite each guest to create a wand of their own and write what they are thankful for on the back. The accent packs and stickers have plenty of variety so you'll have plenty of choices for everyone.
    • Stick all of the wands into a vase or flower pot with soil or other filler to make a bouquet or centerpiece full of thankful things!

    Just Be! Badges

    • Invite all ages to take part in this fun craft idea! Put thankful thinking and kindness on display with homemade necklace badges for all of your Thanksgiving guests.
    • Precut and tie some string or yarn into circle/necklaces beforehand. 
    • Provide a variety of stickers, some markers, and tape. The simple supply list makes this a favorite, plus, it's easy to clean up!
    • Kids will feel special making and wearing these on Thanksgiving Day and beyond. (The reminders are helpful too!)
    • Think of some phrases that finish "Be..." and write them on paper so they are handy for everyone to choose from. Each crafter chooses/writes a message on the center of the medallion (Dot Circle accent). Ideas include: kind, thoughtful, thankful, awesome, helpful, and so on.
    • Decorate! Stick on leaf stickers and scented fall stickers for lots of fun. 
    • Tape a premade necklace string to the back of the medallion when you're done decorating. Have fun greeting guests and reading their medallions. Way to be!

    Happy Hands Place Cards

    • Let everyone know they have a place at your table with kid-made place cards!
    • Cut short strips of autumn leaf trim (include one scallop in each) beforehand. 
    • Kids choose a hand accent for each guest. Help with spelling or write each guest's name on each hand ahead of time.
    • Crafters decorate the hand accents with fun fall and Thanksgiving stickers! (Remember to gently scratch the scratch 'n sniff to release the yummy scents.)
    • Invite each child to sign their name on the bottom half of the leaf trim for each place card they make. If you'd like, use the back of the trim to write a fun note or welcome greeting, and tell each guest how thankful you are for their visit!
    • Fold the scallop of the trim slightly and tape the hand on the height of it so it waves up slightly. If you're feeling festive, accordion fold a short piece of paper and attach one end to the hand accent and one to the top of the trim. The hand will wiggle and wave hello!

    Kids and adults will be thankful for these great crafts to keep busy and entertained on Thanksgiving Day. The simple supplies and festive stickers make these easy (and sweet) as pie!

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