Allergy-Friendly Teal Décor DIY



Keep Halloween safe for all trick-or-treaters by offering non-food treats and decorating to signify you are an allergy-friendly stop. Stock up on stickers, pencils, or bookmarks for great food-free goodies! Whether you participate in traditional Halloween celebrations or do something entirely new, keep it safe for everyone by acknowledging food allergies and following recommended guidelines.


    Make Halloween as inclusive as it is festive by proudly offering non-food treats for friends, guests, and family this year...and all years!

    If you’re expecting trick-or-treaters, be ready with non-food treats and a doorstep decorated for food-allergy awareness. Follow along for some ideas on how to dress your doorstep for safety and clarity.


    • Teal is the universal signal of allergy awareness. Reinforce your support and spread the word by creating a large teal sign.
    • We decorated cardboard with white paper and outlined it in teal trim. Use large teal lettering to let everyone know you have safe treats available.
    • The best part? The sign is portable so you can take it with you to trunk or treat events, to the classroom, or to other community gatherings to support food allergies and bring awareness and safe treats to all.

    Door Decorations

    • Trim your doorway with teal and make an interesting, exciting doorstep.
    • Create pumpkins in a variety of teal patterns. Use this pumpkin decoration idea as a starter! Cover the outer edges of your doorway with teal borders.
    • Get creative! Create a bow, cut out mini pumpkin shapes, and make informational signs that stand out and get noticed.

    Grab-and-Go Bucket

    • Avoid mixing allergy-friendly treats in with any food treats you might offer. Decorate a bucket in teal trim made especially for allergy-friendly treats. This will help avoid any confusion when handing out treats.
    • If you’re giving treats in a self-serve, socially-distanced way, make sure you clearly label the treat buckets so kids and parents can tell the difference between your offerings. Decorate your allergy-friendly bucket with a variety of teal trim, and place stickers, bookmarks, and other non-food goodies inside. 

      Whether you're skipping the tricks and treats or found safe ways to celebrate this year, remember to support those with food allergies during Halloween. Open a dialogue, spread the word, and have food-free treats on hand to keep Halloween safe and successful for all.  

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