Nuts About Fall Door Décor DIY



DIY your doorways and celebrate fall! Use this door decorating idea to welcome students, guests, and customers into schools, offices, and more. The versatile Big Oak Tree Bulletin Board Set is a year ‘round favorite and brings lots of fun to every season.


    Get creative making a fall doorway display. Use some or all of these ideas and have fun arranging an awesome autumn doorway!

    • Layer Grass Terrific Trimmers® and green paper along the bottom of your door to create a base. (Be mindful of your door hinges and where the door will swing open.)
    • Nest the bottom of the Big Oak Tree in the grass. Bonus: The tree height is adjustable to fit a variety of design ideas!
    • Add the happy critters from the set into the scene and tape in place. It's fun to arrange them around, under, and inside of the tree. 
    • Add the acorns and leaf accents on and around the tree too. Watch the autumn colors take shape! Tape the leaves together into a fun pile of leaves underneath the tree too (add a playful critter if you like!). To make the leaves look fluffy, gently fold them in half and only tape part of each down.
    • Give your door decoration a fun title like, "Nuts About FALL," and tape the letters on. For extra emphasis on "FALL" we used all capital letters and layered red on top of black. Feel free to make it your own!
    • Finish off the edges with leaf-themed Terrific Trimmers®. Tape your trim in place, making sure the doorway isn't obstructed. 

    What fall fun! Celebrate a new season, greet everyone coming back to school, and make a warm, welcoming scene. With so many versatile pieces, this display can create lots of fun scenes and stories. Enjoy!

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