Pumpkin Patch Picture DIY



Make arts and craft time POP with fun, 3-D pumpkin patch pictures! This fun project gets kids putting their design skills to the test to create awesome Halloween and fall artwork that’s more delight than fright!


    Children love to make these pumpkin patch pictures with 3-D pumpkins and a spooky picket fence. 

    • Each pumpkin, fence, and jack ‘o lantern face will use the orange trim. Depending on the age and skill level of the children making the picture, invite them to cut strips from the trimmer for the various parts of the picture, or precut supplies.
    • First kids create a circle out of a single trimmer strip to start their 3-D pumpkins. The pumpkins shown were each made with a 12-inch strip (about 1/2-inch wide). The orange color should face out for this.
    • Next, children tape three trim strips (about 6-inches long x 1/2-inch wide each) onto the circle. Start at the top and curve each strip toward the bottom of the circle. The strips will overlap at the top of the circle. Space them out to fill in the front of your pumpkin.
    • Cut simple triangle shapes for eyes and a zigzag for the mouth out of another piece of trim. Glue or tape onto the pumpkin front with the white side facing out. Watch as each pumpkin turns into a jack o' lantern! 
    • Create a spooky fence for the background of your picture using another strip of trimmer. Kids cut short, vertical strips for fence pickets and long, horizontal strips for the fence rail. Glue the short strips onto the long strips (with the white side facing up).
    • Cut an extra fence picket to use for a pumpkin stem. Color the white side brown. Curl a chenille stem to look like a vine and glue onto the top area of your pumpkin.
    • Arrange the fence, pumpkin stem, and 3-D pumpkin on the construction paper and glue or tape in place. 
    • In the blank areas of the page, kids draw more pumpkins, grass, and any other creative details.
    • Hang the Halloween pictures on a festive Halloween bulletin board display or invite kids to take them home to share with family and friends.

      These delightful pumpkin patch pictures will put everyone in the Halloween spirit. It's an easy craft that each child can put her or his own personal spin on to create one-of-a-kind pictures. 

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