Fox & Hound DIY



Unbe-leaf-ably cute! Transform autumn leaves into adorable keepsakes, cards, bulletin board decorations, and inspire creativity and play. This fun fall DIY uses paper photo-real leaves so each crafted critter stays sturdy and bright all season.


    Transform Maple Leaves Classic Accents® into a whole pack of fall friends!

    • Kids cut shapes from felt, fleece, or another soft fabric to create ears for their critters. Assist younger children if cutting a fabric is challenging.
    • Cut noses out of black construction paper, use pom-poms, or create a sensory experience by using faux leather or vinyl.
    • Arrange the ears, nose, and eyes on the leaf and watch your cute critter come to life!
    • Glue the googly eyes onto each animal, or invite kids to draw eyes and other details on their leaf pals.
    • Kids use their new fall friends to act out seasonal scenes and other creative play.
    • To create keepsakes, write fun messages on the backs to send fall cards to family and friends (wish them a “Howlin’ Good Fall!”) or add self-adhesive magnets to the back of each to create adorable refrigerator decorations. 
    • Bonus: Paper leaf accents are sturdy and won’t crumble like real leaves so your keepsakes and decorations will last!

    Let your creations inspire imaginative scenes, storytelling, add interest to fall bulletin board displays, and send well wishes to family and friends. 

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