Frolicking Fall Fairies DIY



Create cute clothespin fairies to celebrate and welcome the fall season! This simple and quick DIY inspires hours of fun and imaginative play. It’s a great way to use up extras from your craft bin and makes adorable flower pot decorations when you’re done.


    Bring whimsy to craft and play time with super-cute leaf fairies.

    • Start with Maple Leaves accents (large or small – your choice!) and a clothespin of any kind.
    • Create a face for your fairy by drawing on the clothespin or cutting a face shape out of construction paper and drawing on the paper.
    • Time to decorate! Wrap fabric around your fairies to dress them up. Use leaf stickers as headbands, belts, shoes and more. Add crinkle-cut strips of paper for a fairy hairdo.
    • Once you are finished decorating your fairy, glue it on the center of your leaf accent for its fairy wings. Cool!
    • Let the imaginative play begin! Kids bring their fairies outside to act out stories, go on adventures, and enjoy the fresh fall air. 

    When kids are done playing with their fairies, use them to decorate flower pots or small gardens until it’s time to play again!

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