Spook-tacular Dangler DIY



These DIY dangling decorations are a fun, hands-on craft for kids and adults. Make seasonal ornaments to add spooky surprises to tree branches, doorways, and more. This decorating idea is sure to bring fun to Halloween decorations in your classroom, at home, for your trunk-or-treat display, and fall parties.

Other fall seasonal sticker ideas:

    Greet guests and goblins with globe-like ornaments full of spooky-fun style. 

    • Cut six or more strips of trimmers for each dangler you’ll make.
    • Cut a circle out of Silver Terrific Trimmers®, about 1 inch in diameter. Punch a hole in the center. Set aside until you’re ready to finish your dangler.
    • Cut a piece of twine or string that’s 8 to 12 inches in length. Tie a double-knot on one end. This will be used to hold your ornament together and also for hanging.
    • Lay the trimmer strips face down. Overlap the strips at the center and spread out the strips to create a circle.
    • Start with the top strip and work toward the bottom for the next steps. Bring both ends of one strip to the center, creating a circle shape.
    • Overlap the ends slightly and punch a hole through both where they overlap.
    • Thread the twine or string you previously cut through the holes so the tied knot is at the bottom (inside).
    • Repeat with the other strips until all of the strips are threaded on the string. Slide the silver “medallion” you created on top. Tape between the strips to hold or tie a knot in the string on top of the silver piece. 
    • Time to decorate! Stick stickers on the trim in any pattern you choose. Remember to gently scratch the Scratch ‘n Sniff Stinky Stickers® to release the scents!

    Create a variety of ornaments and hang together in a spook-tacular classroom display. It's also fun craft for the whole family to create at home to decorate trees to greet guests all fall!

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