Spook-tacular Mummy Door DIY



Visitors and guests are in for TREAT with this ghoulish greeting! Win best-dressed doorway and save time with an easy-to-make paper mummy. Get wrapped up in the Halloween spirit and bring spook-tacular style to doors and entrances in schools, homes, childcare centers, and more. 


    This funny mummy is perfectly eerie and super easy to make!

    • Tape six or so strips of the black borders on the area of the door where you want the mummy’s eyes. You’ll cover this with the white borders so don’t worry about shaping it just right.
    • Pro Tip: Flip over the black borders and cover the rest of the door with the white side. This covers any of the gaps you may have later on. 
    • Next, tape more white trimmers to the door in layers. You’ll want to change the direction the strips are going and weave and overlap them for extra interest. Be sure to keep some of the strips a little loose so it’s easy to weave other strips underneath them. When you think you have it set, go ahead and add some extra tape here-and-there to hold. Trim any over-hanging borders around the edges. 
    • Cut fingers out of black borders or black construction paper. Tuck them into the mummy's wrap and tape them in place.
    • Next, create the eyes. Steps for how we made our mummy’s eyes are listed below, but feel free to make the eyes as spooky or silly as you choose. Simply switch up the colors and move the pupils into different positions to make a variety of expressions.  
    • We added yellow sparkle to the eyes to make them look like they are glowing. To do this, cut two circles from a Yellow Sparkle Ready Letters® blank sheet. (Any other color or paper you have on hand can be used here too.)
    • We used the Os from a Black Ready Letters® pack as the iris of each eye, but you can use black construction paper too. Cut a white pupil out of the back of a border and tape onto the black irises. 
    • To make the eyes pop, attach a piece of foam core, cardboard, or accordion-fold a scrap of borders between different layers of the eyes. What a wild and watchful greeting! 

    That’s a wrap! Enjoy your mummy door decoration for fall and Halloween parties, to greet trick-or-treaters, and bring spook-tacular FUN to everyone!

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