Festive Fall Crowns DIY



Celebrate autumn with awesome crowns! Making festive fall crowns will be a favorite fall craft for kids. Use this crown-making activity to welcome fall, celebrate children’s birthdays and special events, and as a back-to-school project.


Choose a variety of fall trimmer colors for the crown headbands.


    The variety of autumn colors mix and match well with the leaf and acorn accents giving these crowns a real fall feel!

    • Each child's crown will use about half of a trimmer for a basic crown. Precut these or invite kids to measure and trim themselves.
    • Place leaf and acorn accents, stickers, and other decoration items where everyone can reach or provide a variety to each child's crafting space.
    • Let's decorate! Everyone tapes, glues or staples accents onto the headband of their crown. (If using staples, you may want to cover the back side of the staples with a piece of tape to make sure it is smooth and won't poke.)
    • Add stickers for extra FUN! Stick on fun emoji smiles and write messages on the leaves or headband using letter stickers.
    • Provide glitter paint, markers, or other doodads for kids to add their own personal touch to their crowns.
    • Allow any glued elements to dry fully.
    • Help kids fit their crowns and tape the strip where it overlaps to hold. 

    Fall paper crowns are a favorite activity that’s fit for a kid! The simple supply list makes them a hit for homes, schools, and daycare centers.

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