Rainbow Globe & Streamers DIY



Create a custom rainbow globe and streamers to decorate, celebrate achievements, recognize birthdays, and brighten any display. These fantastic dimensional decorations bring big cheer to classrooms, homes, Sunday schools, and childcare centers.

Optional Sparkle Colors:


  • Create one or more rainbow globes to hang for parties, celebrations, and daily decorations. You can use this as a centerpiece for your streamers (as we’ve done) or create and hang them from doorways and in reading corners, too.
  • You’ll need 9 trimmers in ROY-G-BIV colors. We used lime for green and some sparkle trim in rainbow shades for extra interest. Three of the rainbow colors will repeat – that’s ok!  
  • Punch a hole in the center of each trimmer strip. Tie a knot in one end of a chenille stem (or loop on a fancy bead in place of a knot).
  • String the trimmer strips on the chenille stem with the color facing down (toward the knot/bead). Place the trimmers on the stem in rainbow color order until you have all 9 strips stacked on it.  
  • Next, bend both ends of each trimmer up toward the center, overlap them slightly and punch a hole through the ends where they meet. Thread these ends over the other end of the chenille stem.
  • Continue until all 9 strips have been added. Take time to arrange the strips around the circle slightly, as needed. Make another knot or tie another bead on the other end of the chenille stem to hold all of the trimmers on the stem. 
  • Choose bright and curly ribbon streamers and tie them at the bottom of the globe. Attach a second string to the top of the chenille stem for hanging so your globe can swirl and spin freely. Disco-Dazzling!


  • One-sided or two? You choose! We made our streamers one-sided, but feel free to create these as double-sided decorations.
  • If you’re making these two-sided, you’ll want to line up trimmer strips back-to-back first to make sure the scallops are aligned before cutting so the two sides mirror correctly.
  • Measure your space and cut strings to fit each strip of streamers you’d like to hang.
  • Leave a few inches of excess on either end of the string lengths for hanging. Divide your string measurement by 2¼ inches so you know how many trimmer strips will fit along the string length.
  • Time-saving hint: Lay your full trimmer strips on top of each other in rainbow-color order, with scallops aligned. Measure your desired streamer length and lightly mark it on the top strip. Hold the stacked strips firmly together (or use a binder clip!) and chop them to size using a paper cutter. Whallah! Repeat until you have the desired number of individual streamer strips.
  • Stage the strips next to each other (in rainbow order) with the color facing down. Lay the string you cut previously along the tops.
  • Tape the string across the top edge of each trimmer strip. Remember to leave excess string at the ends so you'll have some left to hang the streamers. Press firmly on the tape to make sure it holds.

Hang your globe and streamer decorations together for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. It's also perfect for creating a bright back-to-school welcome! Your room will be “a-globe” with terrific rainbow colors!

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