Rainbow Party Decorations DIY



Use our rainbow-colored party decoration ideas to make someone’s day extra bright! Decorate for a rainbow-themed party with hanging streamer decorations, table centerpieces, party favors, and of course, a birthday crown! Go for it all or choose a few of your favorite crafty ideas below.


    Party time! Make a loved one’s special day extra-bright with vibrant rainbow decorations. Choose a few elements or go for them all!

    Birthday or Celebration Crown
    • Everyone deserves a celebration crown! Create a custom crown to showcase the special boy or girl … it’s a piece of cake.
    • For the headband, make a ring out of Blue Sparkle Terrific Trimmers®. Then, layer Rainbow Promise Terrific Trimmers® on top, leaving a blue band along the bottom. Tape together and size to fit.
    • Write the birthday child’s name on the top layer of the cake.
    • Tape the Birthday Cake accent to the front of the crown, on the inside of the headband. Make sure the child's name shows on the front of the crown.
    • Cut shine-like shapes out of Yellow Sparkle Terrific Trimmers®. Tape the shapes to the back of the accent so the sparkly yellow peeks out around the crown. Brilliant!

    Party Favors / Treat Bags

    • Stickers make GREAT party favors: They’re fun to give and fun to get! Choose a variety of stickers or invite your birthday boy or girl to choose their favorites to give to their friends.
    • Stock up on some extra sheets to decorate the party favor bags. Bright, playful stickers turn a plain gift bag into an irresistible and exciting gift for kids.
    • Playing party games? Make sure to have some extra sticker packs on hand to use as party prizes. Win! 

    Decorate the Table

    • Spread your favorite, colorful table cloth on the table. Then, add some brightly colored tableware for each guest and choose your favorite additional decorative touches below. 
    • Napkin Rings: We made napkin rings to label each place setting and organize napkins and silverware for each guest. Fold napkins together, and tuck in some silverware. Cut a thin strip of Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® for the ring, lightly wrap around each napkin arrangement, and tape to hold. Next, each guest's name on your favorite mini accent and tape onto the front of the ring.
    • Placemat & Flowers: Create a placemat to set in the center of the table to showcase a homemade vase of rainbow-bright flowers. Follow our simple Place Mats DIY using colors to match your party theme to make an attractive, eye-catching centerpiece.
    • Eye-catching flowers look great in a vase on the place mat. We used a variety of trimmers for the petals, Gumdrop Stars Mini Accents for flower centers, and paper straws covered in florist tape for the stems. Refer to any of our Flower DIYs for ideas.
    • Feeling creative? Make your own unique flowers! Hint: cutting trimmers into fringe and then curling the ends makes really cool (and easy) flower petals too. 
    • Birthday or Congrats Sign: Use punch-out letters to create a personalized message on the wall. The 4-inch letters bring big WOW to your walls and you can even spell out a personalized message. (When hanging, be sure to check your tape or adhesive for recommended use and surfaces.)
    • Globe & Streamers: Fill your area with a rainbow-colored globe and streamers – it’ll be sure to make your party bright! The Globe can make a cool version of a disco ball too!
    • Streamers, string, and lots of strips of colorful trimmers can put your space over the top (or, over the rainbow!). Follow our Rainbow Globe & Streamers DIY for directions.

      What a party! Have fun with guests and friends and recognize achievements, birthdays, and more in a rainbow-filled room. This is a great theme for celebrations at home, school, Sunday schools, and more!

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