Collect and Reward Sticker Ring DIY



We put two of our favorite things together (stickers + crafts!) in this fun, interactive DIY for kids. Create sticker rings with children of all ages to collect rewards, store favorite stickers, and more. This is an easy and fun activity for home, care centers, and schools. 


    Whether this is a fun craft activity for a rainy day, a break from distance learning lessons, or a family project, these sticker collector rings are sure to make everyone smile!

    Create your Rings 

    • Depending on what you want to create your sticker ring for (entertainment / keepsake / organization / rewards) there are a few different ways to use this craft. Either way, you’ll want to be sure you have a variety of your favorite accent cutouts and stickers on hand.
    • Put a bunch of different accents out on a table and invite kids to pick out several favorites each. Use a hole punch to make a hole in each accent to fit a binder ring.
    • Make sure to punch each hole far enough into the paper so the ring won’t easily rip through. The paper is sturdy, but you want kids to be able to handle these and flip through their stickers often – and trust us, they will want to!
    • Choose an accent for the “cover” of the ring. Kids write their names on the “cover” accent.

    Collector Rings

    • Create your ring(s) as described above. Then, gather stickers if you have a stash your children have gotten as party favors, on cards or notes from grandparents, from teachers, and so on.
    • For extra FUN, buy some new, never-before-seen stickers to really get kids excited (everyone loves NEW Scratch ‘n Sniff scents!)
    • Kids decide where and how they will stick the fun designs and shapes on each accent. They’ll have so much fun deciding where to stick each and placing each juuuuust … so!
    • Go ahead and cover the backs of the accents in stickers too, or use that side to write about how/where you received the stickers. For example, “Day at the zoo with Marcy” or “Alison's Birthday.”

    Reward Rings

    • For reward rings, create the rings the same but instead of adding stickers right away, encourage kids to complete pre-assigned tasks (or other chores as they come up) to earn the stickers to decorate their rings.
    • Place a variety of stickers on the table and invite kids to look them over. They’ll decide which one(s) they’d like to start earning first. Name a task and away you go! They will be mega-motivated to proudly cover their accents in stickers for each finished task. This is a great motivator for reading minutes, homework, helping around the house, and so on. 
    • Another way to make this a reward motivator is to use the backs of the accents to write tasks/chores for kids to complete and how many stickers each task earns. For example, “Make my bed. 3 stickers.” could be written on the back, and when kids complete it, they add the accent to the ring. Then, count out the stickers for them to decorate how they’d like. FUN!

    Not only is this just a super FUN craft idea, it is also a great solution for keeping all of the stickers kids get from parties, school, book fairs, and such. Add more accents as you need! Kids will love showing off their sticker rings and they can even hook them on backpacks or wall hooks.

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