Patriotic Window Decorations DIY



Decorate for Independence Day in a big way! Create a WOW on all your windows and doors with outstanding homemade July 4 décor. Create a boom with red, white, and blue, and patriotic symbols, messages, and more. It's a great family project everyone can enjoy together! Our favorite part? It’s all Made in USA! 


    This decoration idea gives you lots of freedom to be as crafty and unique as you like. Lots of separate, precut pieces make it easy to create unique July 4th decorations on many windows, doors, walls, and more. 

    • Decide what color letters you'll use and punch out each one. Don't forget to go outside and double-check your spelling when you hang them up! You can also include a variety of messages if you're creating multiple displays.
    • Ideas for extra FUN: Add glitter glue to the letters or stars, layer different star sizes, or tape curled ribbon to accents. 
    • The open-ended decorations pair easily with any existing or homemade patriotic decorations. Give your display a learning twist by researching patriotic symbols and then draw or print out pictures to add them to your display.
    This decoration is a natural conversation starter and is a perfect reminder of the meaning behind Independence Day celebrations. Having a parade or picnic? Create another amazing look with a different group of festive trimmings!

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