Make-Your-Own Birthday Cards DIY



These DIY birthday cards take the cake! Celebrate someone special and make a loved one’s day with handmade birthday cards made by kids. Use these crafty, unique ideas to create personalized birthday cards and gift tags.

Cake Card: Cupcake Card:

      Cake Card

      • Use two accents for each card. Crease a fold just below the candles on one cake accent.
      • Add glue or double-stick tape to the back of the accent from the crease up to the top of the accent (candles too).
      • Stick this accent on top of the other accent (both facing up). Carefully line up both designs and press firmly to secure the two accents together. The card will hinge open along the crease you made.
      • Make it bright! We made the candles really shine by adding flames we cut from strips of Yellow Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® and gluing them on top of the accent candles.
      • To make the inside POP, we used a piece of thick foam tape to attach a smiley face to the center. Draw any fun expression you like! If you don’t have thick tape, fold and tape a piece of paper into a small thick square and glue or tape behind your smiley face. This will give it a cool, 3-D look!
      • Give your card a little extra love with heart-shaped stickers too!
      • Write a bright birthday message on the front and sign the inside. This is sure to make everyone smile!

      Cupcake Card

      • Holding two cupcakes face up, punch two holes through both along the tops, about ¼ of an inch from each other.
      • Crease a fold in one of the cupcakes just below the holes. Place this cupcake on top of the other, both facing up.
      • Loop ribbon, yarn, or raffia through the holes and tie in a fun bow.
      • Write a happy birthday message or address it like a gift tag on the front cupcake. Then, write who the gift is from or another fun message inside.
      • Cut wide candle shapes out of Terrific Trimmers®. We used Yellow and Red Sparkle but any sparkle color will work. Fold the candle shapes in half lengthwise.
      • Tuck the candles into the bow of the cupcake. Attach to a gift or stand up on a gift table!

        Make birthday festivities full of FUN with handmade cards for everyone! Encourage kids to make DIY birthday cards for friends, parents, siblings, and grandparents as an extra-special way to wish someone a happy day.

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