Amazing Stargazing DIY



Get the whole family together for a constellation watch party with this activity. Learn to recognize constellations and create your own star-filled sky pictures using stickers. Children will love recreating the wonderful constellations they see at night.


    Research constellations that are visible where you live (and for the season) so you're sure to have a successful star-watching session.

    • Have pictures or resources available for a variety of constellations for kids to reference. 
    • Give kids star stickers, light-colored crayons or glitter glue, and sheets of black construction paper to recreate constellations.
    • Children use foil star stickers to mark each star point for the constellations. Wow – the stars really shine on the black paper! Draw lines in white crayon to connect the stars showing the constellation's full shape.
    • Decorate your constellation pictures to set a starry scene. Draw a moon in the night sky, a tree line, and more. Add dots of glitter glue for extra sparkle too. Get creative!
    • For added fun, invite kids to learn and label the different parts of each constellation, like Orion’s belt and the Polaris star.
    • Practice identifying and naming each constellation, and then get ready for some amazing stargazing!
    • On a clear summer night, head outside together and have a look in the sky. If you need a reference, take your constellation pages and a flashlight too. Which can you find? Can you locate them all? Stellar work!

    Create even more constellations and have fun decorating your night sky pictures. Invite older kids to research the stories behind the constellations and enjoy star-filled storytime. Create your own constellation, name it, and tell everyone about it!

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