Hat 'n Tassel Mortarboard DIY



Hat’s off, grads! Make this mortarboard for a FUN take on a party hat, to use as a prop for a photo shoot, and to honor an achiever during a celebration. Let your party tables take center stage when you decorate them with DIY grad cap centerpieces, too.


Great for wearing or decorating ...this hat 'n tassel DIY will bring lots of pomp to any party!

    • Remove the blank sheet from the Ready Letters® pack and trim it so it is a square.
    • Create the headband from a strip of Terrific Trimmers®. Measure around the head of the celebrant and add an inch or two for overlap. Cut a black trimmer to the measured size. Make a circle with it (color facing out), and tape the overlap together.
    • Lay the square mortarboard piece on a smooth surface with the color facing down. Center the headband on top of it with the straight edge against the paper. Stick short pieces of tape on the inside of the loop to attach it to the square.  
    • Cut a tassel and string shape using the template as a guide. We used Yellow Sparkle trim for extra shine! For a little fun flare, cut fringes in the tassel and curl them a bit. 
    • Attach the "string" of the tassel to the top, center, of the mortarboard. Gently bend the tassel where it overhangs the edge. Tape or glue in place. If using glue, allow it to dry before wearing. 

    Make this quick, create-your-own grad cap with a group of grads or give out to recognize someone special. Get creative and add pomp to any display or graduation table centerpiece with 3-D, decorative grad hats. Way to go!

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        Download template here!

        Hat 'n Tassel Mortarboard Template