Shirt & Tie Father's Day Card DIY



Wondering what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Create this shirt & tie card! It only takes a few simple supplies for elementary-aged kids to make a creative, 3-D greeting card that's perfectly dressed for Father’s Day.


    This shirt and tie DIY card is sure to make Dad smile!

    • Create a rounded rectangle out of cardboard for the shirt. Trace the shape onto one or two sheets of colorful construction paper. Cut out and glue the paper onto the cardboard.
    • Create a tie out of Terrific Trimmers® (you may choose any trimmer pattern … show your creative side!). Overlap the trimmers (scallops facing out on both) and separate slightly at one end. Glue or tape together and trim the ends into the v-shape of a necktie.
    • Glue the necktie to the colorful shirt background.
    • Glue or tape Peapod and Ocean Terrific Trimmers® back-to-back. Fold into the collar shape with scallops on the bottom edge. Cut off the excess length. Glue or tape the ends together where the corners meet as shown. Glue a button to the corner.
    • Tape the shirt collar on top of the tie, overlapping the top edge of the shirt.
    • Stick a Terrific Labels™ onto the front of the shirt.
    • Write “Happy Father’s Day” or another special message for Dad on the label.
    • Sign the shirt card with a marker.

    This crafty card is a great alternative to a store-bought card and is a welcome addition to every father's office or workspace decorations.

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