Top-notch Parent Awards DIY



Let parents know they’re the best with crafty awards made by kids! This DIY paper award idea is #1 in FUN for elementary children. Make quick and thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents’ Day!


    Sincere messages on fancy ribbon awards make these appreciation awards top-notch!

    • First, create a ribbon award. Choose a small circle accent for the base of your medal and a few colors of ribbon to match. If you'd like to create a layered look, choose a star accent too. 
    • Place a Motivating Messages sticker on the circle, write a message of your own, or create your message using both.
    • Cut strips of ribbons in any colors you like and glue or tape them to the back of the accent so they hang below the medal. Tape or glue the assembled medal onto a star accent (if using).
    • Plan where the medal will attach to your Embossed Signs accent and keep that in mind as you write a large award message on the front of the Embossed Sign.
    • Attach the medal to the sign. We suggest doubling up the tape or using thick foam tape to give the medal a 3-D look.
    • If you want to make this a really fancy gift, before attaching your medal to the Embossed Sign, stick a self-adhesive magnet to the back. Use a small piece of tape to attach the medal to the sign accent. The recipient can then remove the medal to use as a refrigerator magnet, to decorate a filing cabinet, stick on their tool box, or other magnetic surfaces. 

    Every recipient will love their thoughtful award. Expand this idea to create personalized thank-yous for Teacher Appreciation and birthday cards too. See Make-Your-Own Medals DIY for even more inspiration!

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