Flower Power Chore Coupons DIY



How can you help? Take your pick! This joyful chore coupon flower bouquet is an awesome gift for kids to make for Mother’s Day, and the extra-creative arrangement is sure to make everyone smile!


Have fun creating a whole garden of good deeds!

  • Brainstorm ways kids can help around the home. Ideas might include folding laundry, washing the dishes, walking the dog, or helping to prepare meals.
  • Choose one large and one small circle accent for each chore flower and follow these steps for each.
  • Write a chore in the center of a small circle and glue or tape to the middle of a large circle of a different color. Choose a variety of color combinations.
  • Trim the outside edges of each large circle accent to shape like flower petals. Tape a chenille stem to the back of each flower for the stem. Twist two together if you need longer stems.
  • Choose a bucket accent and a Terrific Labels™ design. Use a marker to write “Pick a flower and I will do the job for you!” or a similar message on the label. Remember to sign the label, and then stick it to the center of the bucket.
  • Gently push the die-cut edge at the top of the bucket inward to “open” it. Slide the stems of your flowers through so they appear to be inside the bucket.
  • Cut leaf shapes from Peapod Terrific Trimmers® and tape to the stems to complete your flowers.
  • Tape the ends of the chenille stems to the back of the bucket to hold your bouquet in place.

This is a fun craft for students to make in schools or care centers, or make this at home with siblings for a fun family activity. Mom and Grandma will enjoy taking their “pick” of chores and displaying this joyful bouquet.

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