Designer Paper Clips DIY



Bring your paper clips from dull to designer with this quick and easy DIY paper clip idea. Make creative clips for planner page markers, bookmarks, and to keep paperwork organized. Metallic-looking stars and jewels are a treasure!


    These creative paper clips will have you excited to get organized in no time!

    • Remove a sticker from the sheet and lay it on a table, sticky side up.
    • Lay a paper clip on the sticker with the single-loop side stuck to the sticker back.
    • Lay a second sticker over the paper clip and line up the sticker shapes.
    • Glue acrylic gems of your choice on each star to complete the look.
    • If you'd like, leave room above or below the gems to write notes to keep you organized, like "In," "Out," "To Do," and so on. 

    Shimmering jewels on metallic colors are a brilliant way to save your place in a book or planner, gather papers, and more. The cute stars make it easy to find your spot and are a great way to label and color-code paperwork too. 

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