Spooky Spiders DIY



This kid-friendly craft is an easy and fun activity to celebrate Halloween. Kids will love making their own paper spiders for festive additions to Halloween displays, party tables, and more. Enjoy during classroom parties, holiday playdates, homeschool activities, and more.


We used the colors listed below, but feel free to choose any color Bolder Borders® or Terrific Trimmers® for this craft. 

    These creepy-crawlers go perfectly with fall and Halloween party themes!
    • To make this activity easier for a group of kids or younger children, you may want to precut the border or trimmer strips.
    • You'll cut 12 strips for each spider (13 inches long and about 5/8 inches wide) This will require two trimmer strips or one Bolder Borders® strip per spider.
    • For the spider's body, create a loop out of one of the strips, slightly overlapping the ends and taping to hold. Repeat with another strip of paper, fitting the second circle inside the first. Continue until you have four nested circles. Rotate the loops so they are fairly evenly spaced (this will give you 8 body parts to attach legs). Add extra tape where the circles overlap to hold. 
    • Fold one end of each leg strip at about a half-inch from the end. Repeat for all strips. This is where you will tape the legs onto the body of your spider. From here, kids can decide to accordion fold the strips to make wiggly spider legs or make a couple of simple folds for long spiky-looking legs.
    • Tape one leg to each body segment strip. 
    • Draw eyes on two of the body strips for the spider's face or glue on googly eyes. 
    • Repeat these steps using longer and thicker strips to make super-sized spiders for accenting bulletin board displays and Halloween decorations too. 

    Enjoy this craft at Halloween parties, for classroom or family-time activities, and get in the spooky spirit! 

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