Perky Peacock DIY



The tail feathers of a peacock are truly marvelous and our DIY peacock craft is no exception. Capture the stunning beauty of peacocks in this DIY craft. Follow the template to create your own beautiful bird to decorate at home, school, or in care facilities.


While you can trace these templates onto a different trimmer/pattern, we prefer Coral ‘n Lime Whimsy because it mimics the eyes on peacock feathers in such a fun way. If you want to swap out the teal sparkle for another shade of blue or teal, that's OK.

If you're completing this project with crafters of a variety of ages, you may want to precut some of the more intricate pieces as this is a more advanced template.

Template & Supply Setup

  • Trace pieces for the tail fan onto the back of the trimmer.
  • Trace the body and head pieces onto the back of a Bolder Borders® strip.
  • Cut out the individual pieces.


  • Roll the strip for the body into a loop and glue or tape the end where indicated on template. Leave 5 inches of the strip free for the tail. Make sure that the tail is resting on the ground as you’re putting your bird together. This will help make sure it balances when finished.
  • Use the template to gauge where the feet will be. Use a pencil to poke two holes in the body for the feet.
  • Thread a chenille stem up through one leg hole and down through the other. Adjust to even the stem out between the two sides.
  • To make individual bird toes, bend each leg into 4 equal segments and shape so there are two toes on each side, as pictured.


  • With your head piece cut out, fold each piece back along all of the lines indicated on the template. Make sure the sparkle color shows out when folded. The folds shown at the top of the neck are optional, but making a fold here will help to define the shape of the head.
  • Connect the two halves of the neck together by gluing or taping the middle tab to the opposite side.
  • Start decorating the head by coloring the beak black with a marker.
  • Glue a googly eye on each side of the face.
  • Tape or glue a feather to the top of the head behind the face so it makes a nice big plume above the head.
  • Fold back the bottom of the neck area (v-shaped fold) and position it on top of the body piece. Double-check that the tail is resting on a table/surface (for balance), then glue or tape the head in place. 

Tail Fan

  • If you haven't already, trace and cut out six tail feathers. Hold with color facing you and all scalloped edges to the right. Fan out so the strips overlap slightly.
  • Trim the scallops off of the rightmost strip so it has the same baseline as the left side.
  • Tape or glue the tail fan strips together on the back where the pieces overlap. Use enough tape or glue so it feels sturdy.
  • Attach the tail fan to the back of the neck using the tabs on the neck as a glue/tape point. If the fan needs more support, roll a leftover scrap of the body border (about 6 inches long) and place glue it behind the fan to hold it up.
Place your proud peacock on shelves in your classroom or office or spruce up a reading corner with a burst of color. 

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