Spring Tree Door Décor DIY



This Big Oak Tree bulletin board set is our go-to for year-round door displays. Bring on spring with a mix of birds, butterflies, flowers, and happy critters. Splashes of rainbow-colored blooms and spring-inspired trim brighten any space.

  • Layer Grass trimmers along the bottom of your door to set the scene. (Be mindful of your door hinges and where the door will swing open.)
  • Nest the bottom of the Big Oak Tree in the grass and adjust the height to fit your doorway. 
  • Create bursts of rainbow blooms to add to your scene! Repeat these steps for each color of the rainbow:
    • Cut a trimmer in half lengthwise to create two strips: one with two straight edges and another with a straight and scalloped edge. Set the scalloped strip aside to use later.
    • Cut the straight-edged strip into 3 shorter pieces. Join the ends on each strip, color facing out, and tape together to create 3 small loops. Overlap all three loops in the center and arrange to create a circle. Staple together in the center. Glue a colorful pom-pom in the middle of each bloom. 
    • Create similar loops using the full scalloped strips. Arrange the strips in a large circle and staple together in the center to make a big rainbow-bright burst. 
  • Let's set the scene!
    • Add flowers, bugs, and critters from Spring Things Bulletin Board Set around your door scene.
    • Hang your rainbow blooms and leaf accents on the tree limbs, and add birds from Spring Things too.
    • Use punch-out letters to write a spring greeting, and finish off your display with trim and any other fun flourishes. 

These mix-and-match decorative pieces and adjustable tree can be revamped to fit any space! Spruce up doorways in offices, classrooms, hallways, and homes to welcome guests with WOW. 

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