Happy Easter Chicks DIY



Cute and easy Easter chicks are fun crafts for kids of all ages. Create a whole cluck of cute accompaniments for Easter bulletin boards and shelf decorations. They’re also the perfect addition to Easter or spring gift baskets and bring lots of cuteness to table centerpieces.


Choose Terrific Trimmers® for the small chicks and a border and trimmer for the medium and large chicks.


    Template & Supply Setup

    • We love the flexibility of this project. If you’re feeling creative, go ahead and design your own beak, feet, and wing shapes. To make it easier, refer to the download tab to the right. The download includes templates for small, medium, and large chicks. 
      • The template size for the small chicks makes 4 chicks per 39-inch trimmer strip!
    • Decide what size and color chick you’ll make. Follow the template to measure and cut out individual pieces for the chick size you're creating. 
    Assemble the Body & Wings
    • Roll the smaller strip (for the head) into a circle, overlap the ends slightly, and tape on the inside to hold. Repeat with the body strip.
    • Place the head on top of the body and tape or glue them stacked together.
    • Glue the feet onto the bottom of the body.
    • Glue or tape the wings you cut out using the marked area on the template as a guide. For extra feathery fun, glue or tape feathers in place of the paper cut-out wings!

    Create a face!

    • Glue your cut out beak to the center of the face and add googly eyes above it.
    • Pull feathers from the shaft to make a small tuft of hair and glue on top of the chick’s head.

    Have fun decorating shelves and tables with your Easter chicks. The sturdy paper holds up to light play so kids can use them as puppets to tell stories and role-play too. Create DIY Hoppy Bunnies and act out a spring or Easter play!

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        Download template here!

        Happy Easter Chicks Template