Spring Flower Photo Gift DIY



Celebrate spring with a craft idea that's perfect for elementary classrooms. This DIY is fun for a whole class and makes great take-home gifts!


To make personalized spring gifts, ask students to bring one photo each from home or take photos in your classroom.

  • Trim your photo into a 2-inch circle. Tape onto the center of a Gumdrop Stars Mini Accent. Tape the accent to the end of a colorful drinking straw (on the flexible end, if it has one) or a chenille stem. 
  • Cut the paper towel tube to 4½ inches. Center the tube on the back of the Colorful Bouquet and tape in place, flush with the bottom of the accent. This will hold your bouquet upright.
  • Punch small holes in the left and right edges of the bouquet accent. String a ribbon through the holes, loop around the back of the accent, and tie the ends in a bow in front. 
  • Each child writes a message on an index card to wish someone special a happy spring! Parents and grandparents will cherish these gifts.

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