Bloom BIG Spring Flower Bulletin Board DIY



Spring is in bloom! Inspire everyone to bloom where they are planted with this eye-catching bulletin board. This display has so many fun elements, it's the perfect spring-spiration! 


For the flowers: 

For the display: 


    The directions below create one flower. See step-by-step instructions in the Download tab. 

    • Choose 4 complimentary colors for each flower in your display. Assemble each flower using the directions in the download to the right.
    • You'll mount your flowers on cardboard as you make them. Hint: when you hang your flowers, attach hook-and-loop tape to the cardboard base. You'll be able to easily remove and reuse these flowers again and again!
    • We've listed suggested sizes for the flowers, but adjust the size to what works best in your space. You can use smaller/fewer strips and still make an impressive display!
    • Once flowers are made, prepare your bulletin board by covering it in a cheerful color. We used yellow, but use colors that match your space and classroom color theme for any of the bulletin board design ideas below. 
    • Frame your bulletin board in a polka dot border of your choice. 
    • Plan where you want your flowers to go and hang them. Then, tape or staple up stems and leaves for each using strips of Green Terrific Trimmers®. We also used Grass Terrific Trimmers® around the bottom for a photo-real and FUN addition. 
    • Write "Bloom Where You Are Planted” or another spring message in sticker lettering across another piece of bulletin board paper. We doubled our lettering to give it a shadowed look. Use a strip of your favorite Bolder Borders® across the middle of this sign to really make your message stand out!
    • Of course, every spring display calls for cute bugs! Sprinkle Bugs Mini Accents around the bulletin board to finish off the look.

    Encourage kids to grow and brighten everyone's day with flower power. Create the whole display or hang the flowers on their own for petal-perfect decorations in elementary and middle school classrooms, school entryways, and cafeterias.

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      Download template here!

      Bloom BIG Spring Flower Bulletin Board DIY