Lucky Charm Crowns DIY



You’ve struck gold with this crafty paper crown idea! Making a St. Patrick’s Day crown is a fun and easy craft activity for kids to enjoy during classroom parties or celebrations at home.


We're "Dublin" the fun with double-layered paper crowns!

  • First, measure and cut two strips of trimmers to fit around the head of the person being crowned.
  • Lay the Green Sparkle and Rainbow Promise trimmers flat, white sides facing up. Overlap the two trimmers slightly and tape them together. Hint: overlap the two designs enough at each scallop so there aren’t holes in your crown.  
  • Cut shamrock shapes from Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® and glue or tape one to the end of each chenille stem. Twist the stems into spring-like antennas and tape to the inside of the crown.
  • Once the crown is decorated, overlap the ends slightly and tape together. It's a perfect fit!

    Make your crowns as fancy as you like. Add additional border layers to create super-tall party hats, decorate with festive stickers, use different colored sparkle trimmers for the base … get creative! Use your St. Patrick's Day crowns to recognize students of the day/week, birthday boys and girls, and special helpers all March long.

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