St. Patrick's Day Spring Rainbow DIY



Full of rainbow-bright fun, this easy DIY cloud rainbow makes a colorful addition to any St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board, brightens spring displays, and is a cute take-home for students.

  • Arrange the trimmer colors in order. We cut the strips in half lengthwise so the rainbow stripes are thin, but feel free to use the full width of a trimmer if you'd like. Cut each trimmer about 12-14 inches long.
  • Fold paper plates in half and crease. Tuck the rainbow strips into the folded paper plate. Vary the trimmer lengths by changing the amount of trimmer that is tucked into the paper plate. We suggest nesting the scallops to give each rainbow a fit-together, pleasing shape. Use tape to hold the strips in place as you are arranging them.
  • Once you have the strips in place, fold the plate and glue shut. 
  • Glue cotton balls to the front, top portion of the paper plates to make big, fluffy clouds.
  • Children spell their names in colorful Alphabet superShapes stickers on the front of their paper plates.
  • Allow time for glue to dry. Then, use clothespins and string to hang kids' artwork across a St. Patrick's Day or spring-themed bulletin board display.

This is a great activity to spark discussions about clouds and rainbows, signs of spring, what's hidden at the end of rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day traditions, and more.

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