Lucky Day Table Bouquet DIY



Dress up party tables with these DIY shamrock table bouquets. Perfect for decorating at St. Patrick’s Day events, classroom parties, school awards banquets, celebrations at home, and more!

Repurpose glass jars or bottles with these cute shamrock-covered table decorations! 
  • Begin by cutting a small chunk of florist foam and sliding it into the bottom of the jar. If you’re worried about the jar tipping over, add some small rocks to the base of the jar to weigh it down.
  • Fill the jar with crinkle-cut paper. Measure and cut a strip of Rainbow Promise Terrific Trimmers® and tape around the jar.
  • Create additional shamrocks by cutting designs from Terrific Trimmers® strips.

This idea brings FUN all year long. To update, simply swap out the shamrocks for a new seasonal decoration!

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