Pot of Gold & Rainbow Bulletin Board DIY



What would you do with a pot of gold? Spark kids' imaginations with this interactive St. Patrick's Day classroom display. 


    The pop-out elements of this bulletin board display make it a favorite for capturing attention and encouraging imaginative thinking.

    • Reference the Download tab to the right for cauldron/coin templates and directions.
    • Cover the background of your display in sky blue paper. Stagger scallops and layer Grass or your favorite shades of Green Terrific Trimmers® along the bottom of the bulletin board to mimic grass. Trim the sides and top of your display in Rainbow Promise Terrific Trimmers®. Write "If I Had a Pot of Gold," in Ready Letters® across the top of your display.
    • Ask individual students or groups of students what they would do with pots of gold. Write their responses on index cards. 
    • Use the cauldron templates (in the Download tab) to cut cauldrons from sheets of black paper. Create a small cauldron for each student response and one large cauldron.
    • Decorate the small cauldrons with short strips of Gold Metallic Terrific Trimmers® and Award Seals Stickers. Tape an index card to the center of each. 
    • Create double-sided coins by sticking Award Seals onto the back of strips of Yellow Sparkle trim. Cut around the seals. 
    • Use solid trimmers to create the rainbow. Make each color double-sided by laying strips back-to-back and taping together. Overlap your rainbow strips slightly and tape them together into one double-sided rainbow.
    • Cut a large cloud shape out of white cardstock or heavy paper. Write "I Would..." in letters in the center. Glue cotton balls around the edges to make a big fluffy cloud.
    • Arrange the cloud and large cauldron on the display. Swoop the rainbow piece you created between the two pieces as shown. Firmly attach all pieces to the bulletin board.
    • Decorate the top of the large cauldron with the double-sided coins you made. Stack the coins and attach them with foam tape to give them dimension and make the cauldron look like it is overflowing with riches. 
    • Hang the small cauldrons on the display and scatter some gold coins for a shiny finishing touch. 

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      Download template here!

      Pot of Gold & Rainbow Bulletin Board DIY