Hanging Hearts Decorations DIY



Create hanging decorations full of heart! Dress your classroom, break room, or office to impress with these eye-catching Valentine’s Day heart decorations.


Choose borders and trimmers in a variety of patterns, sparkles, and solids to match your Valentine's Day decorating theme.

We used:


Heart, heart, hooray! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this fun DIY decoration.

  • We made our hearts two-sided, and if you ask us, that makes them twice as FUN!
  • Doubling the borders also makes these extra-sturdy. To make these double-sided, you’ll need to cut four strips for each heart.
  • Flip pairs of strips back-to-back, so color faces out on both sides. Use double-stick tape to secure together.
  • Decide what color/pattern you’d like facing out or in for each side of the heart, and then staple the bottom “v-shaped” area of the heart together.
  • Bend the opposite ends together to make the top of the heart. Staple or tape to hold.
  • Tape or tie fishing line, ribbons, or chenille stems to the hearts where you’d like to hang them from. Hang individually or as heart paper chains.
Display from ceilings, in doorways and windows, and along school hallways for a warm welcome.

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