Three-fold Valentine Cards DIY



Children love creating their own cards to hand out on Valentine’s Day. Mixing a variety of playful characters and modern patterns makes this a perfect classroom valentine idea!


These valentines mimic the style of traditional classroom valentines, but you can personalize them straight from the heart! 

  • Begin by cutting a mix of Bolder Borders® designs into small strips (7"-8" in length is long enough, shorter is OK too).
  • Children choose a variety of border strips to make unique designs for all of their valentines (or one very special design for one very special valentine!). 
  • The base for each valentine is a border strip folded three times (color facing down). Folds do not have to be exact. Fold and crease the strip at about an inch or so short of center. Bend the excess portion of the strip over the top of the open edge to create the closure area. 
    • If you're looking to make an extra-special closure, like an envelope or with a slit that tucks back in, leave a little extra to accommodate.
  • The insides of the cards are blank and ready for children to color, decorate with stickers, and write messages for someone special!
  • If you're adding candy to the valentine, use double-stick tape to hold it inside the card.
  • Seal your envelopes shut with fun sticker designs recipients will enjoy (unicorns, llamas, robots, hearts, and Scratch 'n Sniff!). 
  • Kids proudly hand out these unique and personalized valentines to classmates, parents, and friends!

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