Cartoon Candy Holders DIY



Create treat bags for Valentine's Day full of sweet messages and even sweeter scents! 


It's easy and FUN to personalize these with endless combinations of trimmers, stickers, and messages. 

  • Fill baggies with valentine treats of your choice. 
  • Wrap each bag in a strip of confection-colored, sparkly, or seasonally-themed trimmer. Tape to hold.
  • Think of a clever note that relates to the stickers you're using. Need ideas? Visit our blog for sticker-inspired messages!
  • Write or type your messages and attach to small strips of trimmers or brightly colored paper cut into fun shapes. Attach to each bag with string. 
  • These are favorites because they are personal, unique, and from the heart. Recipients will love reading all of the punny and sweet messages you've created. 

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